Monday, April 02, 2012

Trip'n Mommy's Debut, HH #353

Wow!  Can Havel Havelim really be up to #353?  That's amazing.  I remember when it was barely in two digits.  That's when I was a frequent host.  When it hit three digits we thought we had accomplished something special.  I guess, just the fact that we're still around all these years later is a super-amazing accomplishment.

Take a gander at Trip'n Mommy's very first Havel Havelim.  She did a wonderful job.  Please visit, read the posts, comment and share the links.

Eric has put together a special site connecting the three Jewish blog carnivals, Havel Havelim, Kosher Cooking Carnival and JPIX.  I keep track of them on a special "page" on my blogs, too.  Please participate.

The next Kosher Cooking Carnival will be soon after Passover, so please send in your links as you post them.  Rosh Chodesh Iyyar KCC will be at Adventures in Mama Land; send posts to Jennifer, thanks. To host contact me 

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