Thursday, April 05, 2012

Passover Message

As usual, before Passover, all sorts of Jewish groups put out a "youtube," song/dance about Pesach, just like is done before all the major holidays.  Some are really good. This year I was not turned on by any of the usual ones touted as best. 

That is except for one which isn't usually in the running for religious-themed skits.  And in a sense it isn't religious.  It's not about cleaning or Egypt or slavery or Exodus.  I'm referring to the great rousing song that Latma has written:


Latma's usual star נעם יעקובסון Noam Jacobson is really a singer and an excellent one, too.  This song  shows off his talents.

Don't forget that Passover is about freedom, freedom from foreign mind control, foreign values and foreign culture.  It's about getting our priorities straight. 

I know for sure that I did lots of things totally wrong when raising my kids.  I was always so insecure about my Jewish knowledge and observance that I didn't raise my children with Judaism as joy and simcha.  There's no way I can make up for it.  I'm glad that my grandchildren are being raised differently.

Enjoy the Passover Holiday in good health.

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