Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best Deal for Aluminum Pans in Jerusalem

As part of my shopping for Passover, I needed to stock up on aluminum pans.  I wasn't happy with the prices of the packaged ones I had seen in the discount supermarket I go to, Rami Levy.  And there was an annoying line in Gindi on Agrippas when I went there.  They were charging a reasonable 90 agarot for the large ones I use a lot.  Sunday night I ended up with just a bit of time to take a quick look in Machane Yehuda after terrible train delays.  But in the end it was worth going there:

Yes, 20 loaf pans for ns10 and 12 large pans for ns10.

The store is right there on Rechov Yaffo. 

Tell them the lady who rushed in to buy the pans, took pictures, when Doda Mazal was there and promised to publish and publicize on the internet really did so.

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