Friday, March 15, 2013

Yes, It Is Great Felafel

There's a felafel place on Agrippas Street in Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem that touts itself as #1.  I've eaten theirs a couple of times of late and I do agree that they make a very good felafel.

They provide lots of "trimmings," extras, which I don't take.  There are chips aka french fries, chumus, fried eggplant and all sorts of salads, but I stick with the classic felafel balls, salad and techina with a bit of charif, hot sauce.  Last time I was there I did add the Yemenite z'chug and Indian mango sauce.

This is what it looked like: 

Not a bad meal for ns12.


Lorri said...

There is nothing like a good felafel, when the mood arises.

I like the sound of the egglpant.

Batya said...

We have a custom of having felafel on B'dikat Chametz night. I think that I'm going to ask my husband to bring one even sooner, the night we must turn the kitchen. I don't want to have to cook...