Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy to Make Vegetable Kugel by Pictures

This vegetable kugel has evolved from classic raw potato kugel.  I now use mostly low starch/carbohydrate veggies, because neither my husband nor myself eat a lot of potatoes.  I pretty much cut them out entirely.

Here are the vegetables I used in this year's kugel, an onion, a couple of potatoes, squash and carrots. 
I pre-cut the vegetables for the blender.
The onion, a couple of potatoes, squash and carrots were blended up with a few eggs in my Passover blender.  If you're using a blender, like it did, use as many eggs as needed so that all of the veggties will be pulverized.  If you're using a food processor or hand grating, then add about two or three large eggs, or more smaller ones to the grated vegetables.

Then add your salt, pepper and any other spices or herbs you like.  Mix well, then add matzah meal, so it won't be watery.  You need the matzah meal, or the final product will be mushy.

Pour the mixture into baking dishes and add some olive oil, or whatever cooking oil you use, on top of each.  Lightly mix the oil into the top of the kugel.

I always bake my kugels in disposable pans so I can freeze and then reheat them.  Yes, I make more than I need.  They freeze very well.  This quantity, about half my usual, filled three long loaf pans.

I baked in medium plus heat (hotter than a cake) and lowered the heat a bit after the top looked ready.

Don't obsess over quantities and timing.  To check if it's ready, cut into it to make sure it's really baked.  If the top is crispy and the inside mushy, lower the heat and cook longer.


Ed Greenberg said...

Oooh, this sounds yummy.

Batya said...

Ed, there are two more in the freezer. Hurry over and I'll heat one up for you.