Monday, March 18, 2013

Dinner to Go...

Here's the dinner I took with me last week when I went to work morning shift and had a class to attend at Matan in the evening.

It's all in the planning.  The night before I had also cooked my work lunch.  I had to cook it the night before, or it would have spoiled being transported "warm."  Chilling it well gave me a few safe hours, or I would have had needed to buy myself a thermal food bag.  Actually, the thermal bags are best for cold food.

This meal consists of a container with raw salad, a small jar of homemade techina and sauteed vegetables with quinoa.

I always take food with me when I go to work.  Actually, unless I'm meeting a friend for a meal, I try to always bring along enough food so I won't be tempted to buy something I shouldn't eat.  The trick is not to get hungry and not to take that first bite  of forbidden food.  There's no way to stop...

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