Friday, March 08, 2013

And What Are You Reading?

It's funny.  There are weeks when I complete a few books and there are books that take me months or at least weeks to finish.  Generally before my trips to the states I go to a neighbor who gives me "disposable books."  They are books I can leave wherever whenever I finish reading them.  I don't have to return them, so I call them the "disposables." 

During my recent visit I finished all of the books before leaving my last stop, Atlanta, GA, so I had to buy myself a book or two for the trip home to Israel.  My friend didn't have any to give me.  I bought a couple of novels in the bargain box at Barns & Nobles.  I should have only had bought one, since it took me until a week ago to finish Die for Me by Karen Rose, the first one.  I loved the book, but just couldn't make the time to finish reading it.
In the interim I received a slew of new books to review.  As soon as I finished   I quickly read and reviewed Marc Angel's   The Search Committee

Then I picked up my most recent review book, Letters to Talia by Dov Indig.  This book first appeared in its original Hebrew.  It was a bestseller and Gefen Publishing House has published the English translation.  I must admit that I am enjoying the book so much, I've been taking it with me to places so I can read it whenever I get the chance.  That's something I never do.  I'll review it when I finish reading it.

And yes, it is that time of the year, when I should be getting my home ready for Passover.  There's still time to read, honestly.  So, what are you reading now?


Ruti Mizrachi said...

Since I had to bus up to Tzfat for a wedding, I read Martha Grimes' Help the Poor Struggler. It was brilliantly written; I cared what happened to every character (my main criterion for loving a book); but her ending disappointed. Too many loose threads.

Now I'm reading Julie Garwood's Murder List (another "disposable novel"), interspersed with forays into Roy Neuberger's 2020.

And then there's Pesach cleaning...

Batya said...

I think we go for similar books, Ruti.