Sunday, March 31, 2013

And What's Your Favorite Passover Food?

Vote via comments, thanks.
  • matzah
  • matzah brei
  • savta brei, see recipe
  • geffilte fish
  • kneidelach
  • charoset- please specify how you make it, since there are many versions
  • chrain- horseradish
  • wine
  • something else, if possible please include the recipe, thanks


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

So far, I think everybody's favourite has been the mushroom crepes - fry onions, frozen bodek broccoli, mushrooms until soft, then stir in some onion soup mix. Stir in a bit of wine until it bubbles, then half a tub of cream cheese. Add enough milk to make a creamy sauce. Fill blintz leaves (egg) with the solid bits and then drizzle the creamy sauce over top. Sprinkle with grated cheese if desired (grated cheese is cheaper to buy here than blocks are). Leave in oven until it's brown on top (takes a while at yom tov temps).

Discovering this combo just makes me happy we can have dairy at so many of the lunches!

Netivotgirl said...

You only mentione Ashkenazi foods!! My favorite food is artichoke hearts stuffed with meatballs which my husband's family (Moroccans)
traditionally make on Pesach.

Also I love the delicious chocolate coconut cookies that I make as do all my kids and grandkiddies. I made 1/2 kilo before Shabbat and must make more as they're almost all gone!!

Leora said...

My favorite healthy food is haroset. Others make it for me (nuts, apples, cinnamon, grape juice).

My favorite dessert by far is sponge cake. Made one on Friday, and my daughter said it tastes better than my non-Pesach cakes. Of course, I said, it has nine separated eggs.

Batya said...

Jennifer, that sounds like an amazing recipe. Have you blogged it? If you do, send to kcc, thanks.
Netivotgirl, guilty as charged. You can blog the recipe if you want. I'll send you an invitation to me-ander.
Leora, Chroset is my favorite, too. We use wine, not juice.