Monday, April 01, 2013

Our Seder- The Grandkids Took Charge

I must say that the younger generation is amazing.  Our eldest grandchild is just short of her tenth birthday, bli eyin haraa, but that didn't stop her from taking charge of the Passover Seder, with the able assistance of her eight year old sister.

The entire Israeli clan of the family attended, hosted by my daughter and her husband.  Actually, there weren't all that many people, but we managed to fill their large living room in which the enormous dining room table was opened to its maximum.

The Hagaddah was read by most of the adults taking turns and the two oldest kids, those very precocious young ladies already mentioned.  The girls had a booklet written by their school principal, which had all sorts of quizzes and games.  So, periodically, the girls read things and asked questions of their five year old brother.  I know there are families in which the parents  know how to ask their kids and each other and guests all sorts of questions, but we were never good at that.  I used to tell my kids to interrupt with songs and things they had learned in school. 

At my  family s'darim (Seder in plural) when I was a kid, we also split up the reading among all those who could read.  We did it all in English except for some Hebrew songs.  But we didn't ask and answer questions. There was no concept of preparing any thing but the food.  My husband grew up with his grandfather quickly reading the entire Seder in Hebrew.  One just didn't interrupt or really understand what was being read.

Of course, in Israel the kids all know Hebrew and read the Hagaddah as a familiar book.  In school and even the youngest preschool classes, they have been learning about Passover, the Seder and the traditional songs.  Periodically throughout the evening the two year old would serenade us with her rendition of the Four Questions.  One can never hear it too many times, especially from someone as cute as she is.

It's  a whole new world, Baruch Hashem, thank G-d!


goyisherebbe said...

We've already reached the stage at which not all of our kids come to us. Even so, with a single parent neighbor with kids we were over 30 at the table. So far we have had a seder at our house, but we might end up going to one of the kids next year. So far two kids are doing their own.

Batya said...

When the grandkids go to the other side, we host the rest, plus a neighbor or two. Let's see what happens next year...