Friday, April 12, 2013

The Kosher Cooking Carnival, This American Bite

Yosef has posted the latest Kosher Cooking Carnival on This American Bite.  It's delicious! so take a look, visit the various blogs and sites and share.

The Kosher Cooking Carnival is a monthly roundup of blog posts all about kosher food, kosher cooking and halachot, Jewish Laws of Kashrut.  KCC can also include reviews of kosher cookbooks and kosher restaurants.  It appears on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the Jewish month, so this new one is the Iyyar edition.  Next month is Sivan, which is May 10 (the deadline is a few days earlier) and I'll be hosting it here on me-ander.  You can send your link in via blog carnival (click) or email me shilohmuse at gmail dot com with KCC as subject. Use the same email, shilohmuse at gmail dot com to contact me if you'd like to host an edition.  We coordinate and communicate about the Kosher Cooking Carnival on our facebook page, which you can join.

Kosher Cooking Carnival isn't the only Jewish blog carnival.  There's a more veteran one, Havel Havelim, which is weekly. HH is more general, centering on Jewish and Israeli topics.  It also has a facebook page for coordinating hosts and guidelines.

Have a wonderful Shabbat.


Lorri M said...

Thank you for the reminder. I will go browse the KCC.

Batya said...

wonderful, thanks, Lorri, enjoy