Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nu! Will The Weather Make Up Its Mind Already?

Spring, summer or winter?  What's going on?

Spring to summer seemed on schedule before Passover and even during the holiday here in Israel.  It was a very normal Passover season, but not we seem back in winter mode.  Maybe that's why the dawns are still beautiful.

Sunsets are usually prettier in the summer.  With daylight savings time, we have to wait longer, but it's sure worth it.

At work, customers are coming in begging for winter clothes, but we don't have any to sell.  One woman told me that she couldn't get heavy clothes for her one and a half month old baby who was born just after Purim.  She keeps him bundled in blankets.

It's crazy that the suppliers and those who order for the stores don't take into consideration that many newborns, even summertime, need heavy clothes. I don't think ordering and producing baby clothes should be a man's job. It's a job for grandmothers.

This year I finally had apple blossoms and flowers on the lemon tree.  I wonder if they've survived the rains and winds.

We pray for rain at the right time.  Is this the time for rain?  I know that it rains in other places all year long, but it doesn't rain in Israel in the summer/spring.  OK, some years it does rain in the spring.  And spring here is crazy weather, summer, winter, sandstorms, rain, winds and heat.  That's spring and that's what we have now.

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