Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Different "Alice's Restaurant"

Last week a friend and I were looking for a place to have lunch in downtown Jerusalem, and we really didn't want to spend a lot.  By chance we stumbled upon "Alice" on Rechov Shamai.  There was a sign outside offering a "business lunch" for ns39, which is ns10 less than most places in the center of Jerusalem.  And their lunch actually included more, a choice of small salad or soup, a main course pasta dish and a hot drink.

Even though I've been avoiding pasta for years, I decided to save the money and give it a try.  We rationalized that they'd probably be skimpy with the quantity, so how bad could one pasta meal in four years really be?

No surprise that I started with their salad, which was fresh and tasty.

My friend and I both had pasta, but with different sauces.  And no surprise that there was more than we had planned on eating.  Unfortunately I finished every drop.  It was that good.  I had the mushroom sauce and she had a tomato sauce.

We both polished our meals off with fresh mint tea.  There was a quality black teabag (not one of the cheap brands) on the plate, which I took home, since I don't like black tea with mint.  The fresh mint tea was a perfect ending to the meal. And they just let us sit and sit.  We couldn't figure out if the service was bad or they were just being polite, since we had to call them over for the bill.

When I later mentioned to someone that we had discovered a new restaurant Alice, he said that it's not new at all, but its present owners had only recently bought it.

We enjoyed ourselves and recommend it.  Next time I'll try one of their lower carbohydrate main courses.  The prices were good, less than other Jerusalem restaurants.

Sunday to Thursday, 8:00 until last customer ; Friday, 8:00 until one hour before Shabbat; Saturday, after Shabbat ends until last customerShammai St. 17City CenterKosher/Rabbinate


goyisherebbe said...

Nice to know. I'll keep it in mind for friends etc. At the moment the thought of all those carbs seems not where I want to go, but I have someone who will be coming in June who is veggie. It might work. That is, if the bloom of the new owner hasn't entirely vanished by then.

Batya said...

goyish, there were other menu options, without the carbs, but not part of the business lunch. And prices were lower than other places.