Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Facebook Friends in Shiloh

Yesterday I hosted a number of friends whom I'm in touch via a closed facebook group. At our first f2f (face to face) meeting in Jerusalem barely six months ago, we planned a winter visit to the Negev and a spring visit to Shiloh.  Yesterday was the visit to Shiloh.  During Chanukah we met in Netivot.  Of course, only about a third of the group could make it.  For some it's a serious matter of distance.  Georgia and Colorado are more than a bit too far, and the carfare is pretty expensive. 

I tried to squeeze a lot into the afternoon of the visit.  One thing I wanted to show was that our "midtown" actually has stores and other servies. I took them to the supermarket and the clothing/toy/misc. store.  Some of them tried out the WC aka 00 of the clinic, too.

Of course Shiloh Hakeduma aka Tel Shiloh was the highlight of the trip.

We received a guided tour and then prayed directly to G-d.  And then they all checked out the Tel's shop and were very impressed.

We ended with a meal at the local restaurant, eating pizza and salads. As you can see we have everything one needs in Shiloh!  We even have something very few others place have, G-d's presence, which will never leave.

Now we have to figure out where we're going next.


Miriam said...

A wonderful time was had by all. Thank-you Batya for suggesting Shiloh and arranging a magical day...


Netivotgirl said...

Anyone who has never yet visited Shiloh should make it a point to do so. For YEARS I've traveled the length and breadth of Israel. I've seen the Northern beauty of the Banias, and the desert glory at the machteshim (craters.) However the view from Tel Shiloh takes the cake! Inspiring, gorgeous, moving... take your pick. PLUS the chance to pray where Chana did?? Come to Shiloh and feel the beauty and kedusha (holiness!)

rutimizrachi said...

I love the photo of all the Coffee Talk gals together. Sorry I missed this event! Looking forward to the next one. <3

Batya said...

Ruti, we missed you. Miriam and Netivotgirl, I'm so glad to have hosted you.