Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Deal on a Quiche at Sambooki

Since I really don't have much of an "eating out" budget, I try to find the best deals when meeting a friend for lunch.  A few weeks ago, a friend had time right before our lunch date and began to scour downtown Jerusalem for the best lunch deal.  She chanced upon the Jerusalem, Rechov Yaffo branch of Sambooki.  They had a "business lunch," but all of the main courses were carbohydrates.  Instead I settled on their quiche, which came with a salad.

It wasn't had for ns39.  I hadn't had a meal there for years, because one time I ate there and they refused to give me olive oil for my salad.  That caused me to boycott them. But when my friend suggested it, I figured it was a good opportunity to see if they'd changed that policy.  They were very cooperative and gave me olive oil, which is what every restaurant does nowadays.  Yes, even the small pizza/coffee shop in Shiloh gave me a generous amount of olive oil for my salad.


a friend said...

their quiche was good. I also got a vegetable soup, and it was good but sort of ordinary. they also have a nice salad bar, which wasn't what we ordered this time, but on other occasions I have found it to be a nice made-to-order lunch.

Batya said...

yes, I was also rather distracted that day, after the bus accident