Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coffee in Arizona

I wouldn't quite call myself a coffee addict, but it is medicinal for me.  Coffee is an important part of my morning routine.  It and the water I drink "keep my system moving."  I trust that most of you will get the gist...

Coffee is also one of my anti-jetlag tools/medicines.  Well-timed coffee can keep me moving until it's late enough to go to sleep when I'm very, very tired, and my body thinks it's in a different time zone. First of all, I believe in jumping right into the local time zone.  Resting only makes things worse.  I don't nap.  I may unintentionally conk out for a few minutes or seconds, but I don't lay down and get comfortable for a nice "deep nap."  I save up my exhaustion for nighttime. I go to bed by midnight and generally get a good six hours of sleep, which puts me back on schedule.  Sometimes I cheat and take half a sleeping pill to help.

During my recent trip to the states I spent over 24 hours door to door traveling from leaving my home in Shiloh, Israel and finally arriving in the motel I stayed at in Tempe, Arizona.

They had a breakfast but the coffee was nothing special and a bit dicey in the kashrut department, since it wasn't directly from a coffee machine you could see.  It was in one of those big thermoses. So I bought myself coffee every morning from some place down the road.

And I also, at the Tempe Marketplace, a big spread out mall/shopping center I got some great coffee in a branch of a coffee place they have even in Israel, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

That way I felt more at home.


Lorri M. said...

It is nice that you found the Coffee Bean. I love it, more so than their competitor, Starbucks.

Like you, coffee is important in my morning routine.

Batya said...

Lorri, I wasn't in a single solitary Starbucks this visit.

Rustam Sayal said...

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