Monday, February 10, 2014

New Creations on Esser Agaroth's Havel Havelim Plus Jblogging News

Esser Agaroth, who had done an awful lot to keep Havel Havelim going is this week's host.  Take a look and share this latest edition the veteran international Jewish blog carnival.  Not only did he do a great job collecting interesting posts, but he has revealed his latest hobby.  Here's an example:

Saeb "Pull My Finger!" Erakat
"The escalating escalations are escalating to escalations of escalations! Oh, yes! I almost forgot! Everything is Israel's fault!"
I just wonder how he did it. My photo editing is limited to cropping and adjusting brightness and colors.

Please join our facebook group where you can find out who's the weekly host and volunteer to host, too. Please send in your posts of the week on Jewish or Israeli topics via our blog carnival form or directly to the host.  I guess I'm next week's host.  My email is shilohmuse at gmail dot com.

There are actually three other Jewish blog carnivals, the Kosher Cooking Carnival, JPIX and Jewish Book Carnival.

The Kosher Cooking Carnival is monthly, on Rosh Chodesh, and includes posts about every aspect of kosher food and kosher cooking. It also has a facebook page to coordinate hosts and announce what's new, besides the blog carnival form.

JPIX, the Jewish picture post blog carnival, is coordinated by Leora, has its own special submission form and appears a few times a year.

Recently I discovered the Jewish Book Carnival.  It also floats around the internet.

As you can see, whether you're a blogger or not, there's lots to see on the internet.  Please visit, share and comment on all of the carnivals and posts, thanks.

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