Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fake "Plain Goats Yogurt," American Scam

Since I generally don't eat much dairy products and when I do it's goats yogurt, while I was in the states one of my hosts tried hard to find me some.  According to the label this was perfect.  Please excuse the blur.

With great enthusiasm I opened it one morning at breakfast.  Hmmm... it wasn't the pure white color I'm used to in Israeli goats yogurt, but my organic Israeli egg yolks are also paler than their American cousins. The yogurt sic looked more like pale yellow custard.  The texture seemed strange, and the taste was totally different.

Then I checked the ingredients.

There was some sort of starch additive, plus other extras.  I've eaten all sorts of Israeli goats yogurts, and they are real yogurt.

I know that many Americans are afraid of the slightly higher fat content in goats milk and yogurt, but that fat is natural and unprocessed.  When you have the higher fat you don't need the starches, fillers and sugars you'll find in the low fat or fat-free dairy products.

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