Sunday, February 16, 2014

Staff and Services in the Old Age Home

It seems like one of the biggest industries in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe area of Arizona is "senior facilities."  My father is in the third one since his move four years ago.  He and my mother "outgrew" their first one.  It didn't suit their needs and requirements, so my sister found another one.  After my mother died, the staff/administration wasn't able to properly take care of my father, so my sister found another place.

This new one seems much better.  It has 24/7 nursing staff and regular doctors visits.

The staff is very nice and even the administrator helps with the residents.  I told her how impressed I was by what she was doing.

During one of the visits I was surprised to hear the barking of a dog. Apparently the dog is "part of the staff."

Another good thing I discovered was a mobile dental clinic parked outside.  My sister is able to register my father instead of having to schlepp him to private dentists.

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