Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Favorite Types of Photos

This train must have had been scrubbed just before I snapped the picture.

I don't know exactly when, but sometime after first getting my digital camera I discovered reflection photos. In the days of film, it seemed too risky, and if I could have gotten a dollar for every time someone would tell me to stop, because the picture wouldn't come out...

With digital photography, the photos cost nothing, and it's rare to print them. So of course we can experiment.

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago in Jerusalem. I think it was on Jerusalem Day.

I've loved photography ever since I was a little girl. Of course that was in the day of film, which made it a very expensive hobby. Now it cost less, but since we rarely print photos, they sort of disappear in the wind. It's all an illusion. They are more like memories than real.

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