Monday, June 30, 2014

Me, A Beer Mavin?

Could it be the influence of my old friend Doug and his wonderful beer blog,  Israel Brews and Views? Last Wednesday I did a very unprofessional beer-tasting between three beers. Two of them have been featured on Doug's blog.

Most of the food and even drink at the American Consulate's Independence Day gathering weren't kosher. Most rabbinic authorities consider all beers, especially the non-flavored, to be kosher, so I decided to try the first beer I found. It was davka the Arab beer, Taybeh.

To  be honest, I'm not a real beer maven, but I do have my personal opinions. The Taybeh beer could be best described as ordinary, nothing special.

The next beer I found was the Israeli boutique beer Dancing Camel. Just like with Taybeh, I requested only half a glass. This beer was more to my taste. There was definitively something special about it. If given a choice between the two, I'd go for Dancing Camel any time.

After leaving the Consulate, I picked up my bag at my son's apartment. When he heard of my beer-tasting adventure he decided to top it off with a third beer, Turborg Red. To my unpolished palette it tasted a bit like the Taybeh beer, nothing special.

Both my sons added their opinions. One agreed with me, and the other didn't. As I tell my customers at Yafiz.
"Taste is totally subjective. There's no right and wrong."
But I'd like your opinions in the comments, please, thanks.


goyisherebbe said...

Was the food halal?

Batya said...

Honestly I didn't check. I doubt if the beer passed their muster.

Doug said...

Way to go, Batya! You're getting the hang of it. Don't stop.


Batya said...

Thanks Doug. Awaiting more of your expert training.