Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jewish Books, A Book Review Carnival, and Some Book Reflections

Tzivia, who has more blogs than even I do, has done a great job putting together the latest edition of the Jewish Book Carnival. I definitely recommend your reading it, checking out the books and also sharing the links of course.

Here my granddaughter
is reading a book thatTzivia wrote.
We Jews are known as "the people of the Book," aren't we? I get such a kick out of seeing my grandchildren reading and showing interest in books. One is never too young to start. I started reading to my second daughter as soon as she was born, because I'd have my older daughter on my lap when nursing the baby, and I'd read to both of them. Nowadays mothers are told to start exposing the baby to "culture" even while still in utero.

I've always loved to read. A big benefit to my blogging are the books I get to review. Yes, of course, I have a review in the carnival.


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