Thursday, June 26, 2014

4th of July, A Bit Early

Yesterday was the Jerusalem American Consulate's Annual Independence Day Bash, ok maybe "Bash" should be "bash."

We were there along with hundred and hundreds of other invited guests who included Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Some of you may be quickly checking the calendar and saying: It's a full week plus before July 4th. Yes, you're right. Since the celebration is a great food fest with food of all "stripes," the Muslims would be offended if it would take place during the month of Ramadan when they fast during the day and feast after nightfall. This is an afternoon party.

Various restaurants, hotels and food/drink businesses donate food, including kosher ones. More on that in later posts. Let it suffice by now that I ate and drank much too much.


Adela said...

People speak so badly about Israel yet here they have accommodated Muslims on an American holiday! Israel is amazing!

Batya said...

This was the American Government, the U. S. Consulate in Jerusalem. But they have no compunctions about having the big celebration during the Three Weeks when Jews aren't supposed to party.