Sunday, June 22, 2014

Coffee, French Press, Israeli Ground

I was given a bag of ground coffee for my French Press. This was done at a very well-known coffeebean place in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda, Bashkovits, 32 Etz Chaim Street. The coffee is very fine, and the filter of the French Press had no problems, hit no resistance when pushed down. I don't know the type of bean/flavor, but it's smooth and pleasant.

I drink my coffee with milk and sugar in a giant mug. Actually I have two mugfulls most mornings. And when I'm in an American coffee place I treat myself to cream or half 'nd half.

Thanks to the one who gave me this delicious coffee!


Anonymous said...

I drink mine with milk and sugar substitute. I drink two mugfuls in the morning.


I like the graphic on the bag.

Batya said...

I taste chemicals with the sugar substitutes. Except for when I'm jetlagged I only drink my coffee in the morning.