Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hand of G-d?

There are things that happen, unplanned, that can only be explained by saying that it was Siyate D'Shmaya, The Hand of G-d. 

I felt that way tonight at a very lovely Sheva Brachot, traditional Jewish post wedding party.  The hostess set up a little party game for us to play. There were two sets of small folded pieces of paper. When we read what we had we were to make it like a blessing or advice for the young couple. And the other paper had a Hebrew letter. We each picked a pair of the papers, having no idea what phrase or what letter. Then when it was our turn to read, we had to pick a suitable answer starting with the letter. 

One person had picked a paper that said (in Hebrew, since this is Israel):
"The best restaurant is..."
The neighbor who had to name "the best restaurant" had pick a "ב," (bet) so she answered "בית, bayit, house."

The piece of paper I had picked said:
"The town where you'll live in the future."
And guess what letter I picked... Yes, really, it was a "ש" for "שילה Shiloh!" No joke and no cheating. It had to be  Siyate D'Shmaya. Nothing else makes sense.

מזל טוב!!

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