Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kosher Cookbook Memories, Bring on The Celebrities...

I get an email version of Jewniverse every once in a while. It's a cute little service that sometimes has some wonderful tidbits. Yesterday the email "subject" seemed rather familiar,  The 1975 Celebrity Kosher Cookbook That Only a Turkey Could Hate. As I read on, I realized that I had that very cookbook.

In the 1970's when I was a young wife and mother, the older generation of the combined clans, mine and my husband, liked to buy me all sorts of, mostly kosher, cookbooks and health food guides. My kitchen bookshelves are still stocked with them, although I don't cook according to recipes and haven't even glanced at most for decades.

Here are the shelves:

So, when I saw the keywords, celebrity, kosher and 1975, I was pretty sure that I had the book. It fit the timeline of my collection perfectly. Yes, it's the one with the faded pink cover in the top photo.

I don't think that I ever found a recipe I could use in it, but I absolutely loved reading the stories accompanying them. Since I read cookbooks, rather than cook from them, that shouldn't be a surprise.

To be totally honest, I've always had a dream of writing a cookbook, a cookbook that would be more than just a recipe collection. I think it's time to reread "Celebrity Kosher Cookbook."


Anonymous said...

I think it is great idea! Cooking is far more than a recipe and is more a reflection of tradition, family, and culture. Otherwise "Mom's recipe" or who ever it is, wouldn't be so important.

Thanks for sharing, it is good day to think of family, friends and simpler days!

And if you need some help in your quest to write the book, I am in!


Natalie said...

I'll join you guys, Have always considered cookbooks a literary genre.

Batya said...

Eliana, Natalie, give me a call, thanks.

keren said...

If you keep these books long enough they will be valuable collectors items