Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This Year Too Many Olives Have Gone to Waste

No, this isn't a political post. There's nothing controversial about these olives. They grow in the tree by my house on my land, near the front door.

The problem is that unlike in previous years, I haven't had requests by people to pick them. The ground underneath is splattered with olives that had fallen. Usually all sorts of neighbors as for my olives, and I usually say "yes," hinting that we'd like some of the oil.

They probably should have been harvested about a month ago. We've never collected olives to take to the olive presses for oil. One of my daughters tried a few times to salt/pickle them or whatever people do to make olives for eating. Hers never came out tasting very good, so these olives are waiting.

Davka, yesterday one of our regulars asked, so maybe they will be harvested and maybe we'll get some really fresh and pure olive oil. It's such a waste not to use them. They are gifts from G-d.

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