Monday, November 03, 2014

What a Difference Color or Lack of it Makes, Quest for Scary Photos for 52 Frames

During the mental planning for this week's 52 Frames challenge/theme "scary" I thought of holding or getting someone to pose with either a knife dripping bright red ketchup or shooting the shadow of such a scene, but I didn't. It ended up easier to just work on my own.

Since some people are afraid of dogs, I took a couple of dog pictures.

And then at work I tried to show how frightening it can be from the top of a ladder.

But the photo doesn't show how the ladder shakes and how frightening/scary it can be standing up there.

So when waiting for a ride home, I took some photos of the threatening sky and silhouetted buildings in the direction of Tel Zion. As seen in real life it reminded me of the tower in Gretta's painting, which hangs for sale at Joe's Place, which I had photographed as another "scary" option.

When I went over the photos I had to choose from, this one spoke to me, though the colors were too warm and beautiful. So I went into the photo-editing program on my computer and played around. In the end I just took out the color, leaving it as black and white. Without color it needed a small amount of cropping, which I did.

original photo, taken at Sha'ar Binyamin

in black and white and lightly cropped for 52 Frames
What do you think?

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