Friday, November 21, 2014

Hamotzi המוציא A non-Shuk Restaurant near the Shuk

We had decided to take out my nephew before his return to the states. It was just a couple of hours before the pre-season IFL football game. The "Big Blue" Jerusalem Lions is our family team, and it was important for the nephew to see that aspect of the Israeli clan. My older son joined us and recommended  Hamotzi המוציא, just off of Rechov Agrippas 34 (Street,) near the Clal Building Of course, I had never before heard of the Hamotzi. I had already taken my nephew to a very homey kubeh place on Agrippas where you chose your food from big pots keeping warm on a large hotplate.

Hamotzi is quite a few stars higher than that. My first hint was when they greeted us with:
"Do you have a reservation?"
We didn't, but maybe because it was still "early" for a Thursday night we were quickly seated in the outer area. Hamotzi is a restaurant for the adventurous, at least compared to our usual fare. It was definitely easy to find something I'd never make at home to order, since I wasn't at all familiar with the choice of dishes, which were Moroccan or North African and creative, no doubt.

I don't remember their names, but we all enjoyed everything we ordered and would have licked our plates if we had been alone.

Only one of the dishes came with a side salad, so we ordered a fresh salad as an extra dish to share. That extra expense is my only real complaint.

We were stuffed, but when, after paying the bill and getting ready to leave, we were offered a complimentary dessert we didn't refuse. (Apparently our kids are acquainted with a staff member who has enough clout to arrange such things.)

The dessert was delicious and included mint tea. Apparently, Hamotzi is a popular venue for celebrations, and the low buzz of talk was interrupted periodically with singing. The meal wasn't cheap, but for the quality and taste it was worth it. Service was pleasant, too. The waitress managed to explain the menu in English when asked.


Anonymous said...

Hamotzi is "famous" because it was opened by Masterchef season 2 winner Avi Levi, who has an amazing personal history.
I've eaten there a few times and always enjoyed the experience!

Batya Medad said...

Thanks for the information. Apparently, people keep on returning.