Saturday, November 08, 2014

G-d is Great! Amazing "Tremp" Story

First of all, as proof to my statement that "G-d is great" just look at this picture:

No artist could do it better!

And I also must thank G-d for providing me with such wonderful transportation recently.Yes, this picture is the introduction to rides only G-d could orchestrate.

Last Thursday just as I was about to leave the store and sign out from work, someone I know from the Shiloh area came in. I already had my coat on, but I began helping him. He said that I shouldn't bother, he'd manage. I should go home and not worry.
"But I'm not going home."
"Oh, are you going to Jerusalem?"
"Then you can come with us. My wife is waiting in the car."
And I went with them to Jerusalem. When it was time for me to go home, I got a ride to the "city line," aka the Jerusalem-Hizme "border." After a few minutes a car came going to Eli. Just as I was asking if I could get off at the Shiloh Junction, I looked up. Behind that car was the same family that had taken me to Jerusalem. They signalled me to join them, which I very happily did. And they took me home, straight to my door.

G-d is Great!!

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