Thursday, February 12, 2015

Raining Mud

Those of us in the mountainous parts of Israel had been warned about another snowstorm for last night and today. I had received numerous emails and phone calls begging me to change the day of the local elections scheduled for last night, but I kept on refusing.
"If it's snowing by 5:30pm, then we'll think about it," I kept telling everyone.
And to the comments about "stormy weather," as the evening progressed, I was incredulous.
"What storm? It's just a bit windy."
"Isn't it raining?"
The closest thing to a "storm" was the mud rain I found myself out in when trying to make my way home. Because of another RavKav (bus/train card) foul-up I had missed the 3:15 and 3:30 buses home. So I tremped, but it was one of my least pleasant attempts to tremp. I ended up waiting a long time in the nasty weather. There wasn't all that much rain, and whatever came down was mixed with sand, turning it into a "mud rain."

I'll have to launder my coat. I'm glad I don't wash windows. Car washes should be doing good business as soon as the weather clears.

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