Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Soldiers' "Pina Chama" in Shiloh

In Shiloh, there is now a "Pina Chama" for soldiers in Shiloh. A "Pina Chama" is a "free coffee shop" for soldiers, where they can stop for a nosh as a gift from supporters. There has been one in Gush Etzion for many years. There it's staffed by dedicated volunteers. One of my sons once discovered an old friend of mine there, when he mentioned that his "mother has a lot of friends in Efrat."

The Shiloh Pina Chama is in the pizza place. A few tables have been set aside for the soldiers, and nosherei is set up daily for them to eat. It was established by a young couple, Meir and Liron Avitan in memory of grandparents.

The official opening was this week, though it has been open for awhile.

Until all the paperwork is complete, donations are via the local grocery store.

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