Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Taste of Piccolino

A couple of weeks ago, my dining partner and I decided to pay another visit to Piccolino. We had enjoyed our previous visit so much, when we were seated at the friendly bar, which in some ways was like a luncheonette of old. I used to enjoy sitting on high stools and being part of the "action," rather than at a quiet table when eating on my own. Unless you crave a "private" spot for your meal, the bar is a great place to sit.

But on this second visit we ate outside, in the very warm and comfortable setting serenaded by two very talented young men on the violin and piano.

The music was a very melodious combination of light classical and Klesmir. It was very pleasant and just the right volume.

Yes, we went to Piccolino for the food, not the music. And the food was great!  I started my meal with the most delicious Cream of Tomato Soup I had ever eaten. I was tempted to lick the bowl; it was that good!

For Main Course, my companion had their "Tuna Salad" which was unlike any I'd ever seen. I had Stuffed Artichoke Hearts with Root Vegetables. Both were excellent.

The desserts we got were superb. They were worth the calories!

There was some sort of layered cake, as you can see in the photo:

We had some fresh mint tea and an irresistible combination of chocolate and whipped cream. All I can say is that my self-control got up and left. I had no defenses against these desserts.

  They were totally irresistible. Piccolino is in Jerusalem's Nachalat Shiva neighborhood. 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon Street, Music Square, Jerusalem. Mail: Nava@piccolino.co.il   Phone: 02-6244186


rutimizrachi said...

Definitely worth checking out! And this is coming from a serious carnivore. :-)
But I can make exceptions for excellence and creativity.

Batya said...

Definitely, and the music is great. The closed area outside was so warm, I could comfortably take off my coat.