Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beef in Beer, Great Success!

I admit that I haven't been posting many recipes of late. That's because I cook the same foods with little innovation. Most of the new things I've eaten have been in restaurants. It would be better for my budget if I cooked more and ate out less frequently.

As part of my pre-Passover "finishing what's in the freezer," I discovered a nice piece of beef. I must admit that I buy the "specials," the cheapest beef Rami Levy sells. I look carefully to find one with the least fat, and I'm pretty pleased with my cooking experiments.

Last Friday I tried something new.

After thawing and braising the beef in the usual soy oil, onion and garlic I quartered the softest tomato in the refrigerator and placed it on top. To that I added the last few drops of a sparkling wine that had lost its sparkle.

Then I searched the fridge for more goodies and discovered the beer, which had been sitting there unopened for months. To be perfectly honest, I had bought it in the summer, as part of a "six pack" when relatives were going to have dinner at my daughters. I took the unopened bottles home, brought them back to my daughter's for our Chanukah party and again returned (fewer) bottles to my refrigerator. This was the last one. Just to be safe, I googled "beef beer" to make sure I wasn't crazy. Yes, people do cook them together.

After that liquid addition, I added peppercorns and carrots and then covered it for a couple of hours of low heat cooking. I served it on Friday night. My husband and our guest were very happy with the flavor and texture. My husband who normally does not drink never drinks beer was only told of its addition after he had given is praise of the dish.

This Beef in Beer is easy to prepare and totally delicious.

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