Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shiloh, Local Democracy! Voting for The Town Council

Again, for the twentieth time at least, I was on our local election committee. It's my annual contribution, volunteer job. I help run our local elections for Mazkirut, which is very much like a town council. Each councilor, there are five, serves two years, but to make sure there's always someone with experience, not all five are chosen the same year. One year we elect two and the next year we elect three.

People nominate themselves, and do some campaigning. Sometimes a couple of candidates campaign together, and other times each on his/her own. There are over three hundred families living in Shiloh. Voting rights are the heads of household, husband, wife and also those adults without a spouse, as long as they are either the home-owner or renter. Also to vote, one must be an official member our our community, a "member of the aguda." After the first year, people are approved or not. Most are approved. If the person/family is problematic, doesn't pay taxes, fees, etc. They aren't accepted.

I enjoy running elections, because I get to see lots of neighbors.  Here are photos from the elections.

She was first one to vote. She got to the library before we set everything up!

the committee

Notice the healthy food we were brought to nosh on! That salad was specially for me.

There had been urgings to postpone elections because a storm was forecast, but I told them that if it snows by 5:30 then we'll change the date. It didn't snow and barely rained. And the turnout was fine!

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