Monday, February 02, 2015

Greetings From Shiloh #2, 52Frames

This is my second "Greetings From..." photo for 52Frames, the international photography group I've been a member of for over a year. It seems that there are weekly themes/challenges that repeat from year to year along with different ones. I've already done two self-portraits and now a second Greetings From... The big problem for me is making sure that I photograph a visual aspect of Shiloh that is very different from last year's.

SHILOH, Eyes on The FutureEven in Biblical Times, Shiloh schools must have been great or the Biblical Hannah wouldn't have sent her much prayed for son, Samuel, here. Our modern school started with only 18 students in three classes September 1, 1981. Now the school has expanded enormously, and I get great joy seeing the children learning and playing. They are our future!
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Last year's photo:

The Main Shiloh Shiloh Synagogue designed to look like the Biblical Mishkan, Tabernacle

The runner ups/runners up:

This is the one I really wanted to submit, shot and cropped it carefully, but I just couldn't send it because of the fence. (The Shiloh שילה is from the Shiloh Pizza place's big sign.
my neighborhood

I liked this one, but I think the ball in the one I chose makes that one more interesting.

While wandering around my neighborhood I discovered this gorgeous spot, but I didn't choose the, since there's nothing very particularly Shiloh about it. It could be almost any place in Israel.

Another view of my neighborhood. 
Did I choose right?

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