Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nine 9 Days Menu Ideas?

What do you serve during the "Nine 9 Days?"

Just before my husband left for work this morning, he asked what to make for himself tonight. Usually, he takes leftover cooked chicken, or whatever other fleishig, is in the fridge from Shabbat, soup too, with leftover vegetables and carbohydrates. He cuts a fresh salad and has a full meal when I'm working night shift.

Yes, that's my cooking routine. When I cook for Shabbat I made enough food for the week. It works for us. It's more complicated during the Nine 9 Days when fish a dairy are the protein. And this year it begins tonight, Thursday. I also have to calculate exactly how much to cook for Shabbat without being stuck with food we can't finish during the week or can't freeze. I'll make all of the side dishes in parve pots so they can be served all week long.

Easy "One Pot" Salmon and Veggies

I picked up more salmon, which I'll cook up as "one pot" baked meals, or use the same ingredients in a large covered frying pan.

Of course I'll make lots of vegetables, but I've stopped using much dairy. There are a few reasons for that:

  1. Dairy food can end up very expensive.
  2. Dairy food isn't as healthy as it's cracked up to be. Read the ingredients even in the simplest dairy product.
  3. Dairy food isn't as filling as a piece of chicken, beef or fish.
Since both my husband and I are trying hard to keep the extra weight off, so I won't make carbohydrate based vegetarian meals. I was a strict vegetarian for twenty-five years, and I know how hard it is to keep weight off when not eating a satisfying animal protein.

I'd appreciate your input in the comments, thanks.


Leora said...

Ah, it's getting harder for me as well. I can no longer eat most dairy (a little butter is fine). My kids do like filling food, so vegan meals are not for them. So I will be making them lasagna, quiche and pizza while I make kasha, rice, beans and quinoa for me. At least vegetables are no problem! And two out of three children all like a good piece of salmon (we can get wild salmon). My husband eats just about anything - he cannot really understand how he has three picky eaters as children (comes from my side of the family).

Batya said...

That sounds like you are making three meals!