Sunday, July 19, 2015

Instant Pesto

A few years ago, I made some pesto. I may even have blogged about it. I haven't made it since. I love eating it when others serve it, but I have no desire to ever make it again. It was a lot of work, especially cleaning the food processor. And then I just couldn't finish it all. It was fun to eat once, then again but not daily for over a week. It was no longer a treat; it was more like a burden. And it was a real waste of time, effort, good food and money.

One day last week, when I was told that it was too early to sign in at work, I went to the health food store in Sha'ar Binyamin, Al Hamishkal, and did some shopping. They sell what can be called "instant pesto powder." It's the basic pesto ingredients without the oil needed to bind it.  I asked what to add, and I was told it just needed olive oil. So I bought some.

I decided to make some for Shabbat:

I poured the powdered (instant) pesto into a small glass bowl.

Then I added good quality Meshek Achiya olive oil.

I mixed it, and then covered it. I served it with techina, challah, salad etc, and besides my finding it a bit salty*, it was a great hit with everyone else.

I'll probably get it again, since it is an easy way to make pesto, and I could do it in a very small quantity.

*I rarely cook with salt, so the salt was ok for everyone else, but if you're on a very salt restricted diet, then you may not want it.

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