Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Street Photography," 52 Frames

Davka, although the official 52 Frames theme this week was "Street Photography," the photo I chose was taken in a bus. Because we were told that the "street" meant any sort of public place. This was on the bus from Tzomet Yarkon to Ariel. It had to have been taken after the Elkana turnoff, because I didn't have a seat until then. I held the camera very discreetly in my lap, since there was "extra credit" for shooting "from the hip" and had no idea if anything would get in the frame. After a bit of cropping I got this image.

"Pensive on The Bus"
I live in "the sticks," and davka this past week I never got near a city, but I did travel by bus. I was mesmerized by the shape this woman made resting on the seat in front of her. Besides cropping, I did nothing to the photo. The effects you see are from the original.

And these following were the ones I almost submitted, though "almost" doesn't really count.

I had asked the 52 Frames members for help in choosing. I did like the one of the woman in the bus the best, but I was sure it seemed too odd and intimate for the theme. Everyone had a different opinion as to which photo to send in, and once I got a suggestion to submit the woman on the bus I jumped at it. And the rest is history....

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