Monday, July 27, 2015

"Unusual," The 52 Frames Challenge

For this week, 52 Frames gave a very subjective, vague and unstructured challenge/theme, "Unusual." Like many in the ever-growing group, I was stumped. I decided to go go out of my comfort zone, which had been our instructions a different week and try something new  or not usually done, another one of the themes and play with the photoshop program,  IrfanView, on my computer.

But first I needed a photograph. While walking around the neighborhood took pictures of stone walls and stairs which looked interesting. And then I saw a bush over a stone wall. I took the picture, but when I got home and checked it on the computer it looked so dark.

For a lark I changed the colors. In the Image option I clicked Negative,and this is what happened.

I also tried adjusting the colors and got this:

After getting some advice I went for the blue and white cropped.

I like this new "toy."

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