Monday, July 06, 2015

Why is This Blog Now "A Jewish Grandmother?"

Right now in most contexts the blog no longer calls itself me-ander a name I made up when I was trying to figure out how to start it and what to call it. I had really wanted "meanderings," but blogger said it was taken. The same happened with "meander." So since I hadn't put enough thought into naming my blog, who would have thought that so many years later I'd still be blogging, I just hyphenated meander and invented "me-ander."

I haven't made any real changes in my blogs for a few years already. Shiloh Musings is doing fine, I think. The title says what it needs to say. It connects me to Shiloh, and the word "musings" is used to connote thoughts, random mostly. This blog is also rather random in focus, which is why I thought of using the name "everything but the kitchen sink." I liked it, but friends who responded to my request for advice thought that a title connected to "Jewish Grandmother" would be the best.

Actually  I could have used this title then, because I was already a grandmother.  One of my very first posts here was a picture of my eldest grandchild right after she had gotten her first shoes.

She looked so amazed as she gazed at her reflection on the shiny floor. I had gone with my son-in-law to buy them. She had been walking well for awhile, and my daughter didn't have time. so I was asked to be part of the grand occasion.

But just in case you were wondering, I'm not changing the focus of this blog to family rather than the miscellaneous it has always been. Kosher food and cooking and health, life in Israel and whatever I feel like writing about will still be the main content here.

If you have any requests or questions, just please let me know in the comments, thanks.

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