Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fish and Vegetable Recipe, The True Story

I had this really good idea for dinner last night and optimistically placed all of the ingredients on the baking tray.

enough food for me and my husband
salad was separate of course

I figured that since I covered the salmon with thick slices of onion, it would be protected, and I also cut up the potato, squash, carrot and pumpkin. Yes, in theory I got it right, but the truth is that I should have cut all the vegetables, with the exception of the onion, much, much smaller. I was starving and nothing was ready, even though I had the oven on high and had turned it on before getting the tray ready.

So I took emergency measures. I removed the potatoes and squash from the tray and placed them in my large frying pan, cut it all into much smaller pieces, added some oil, covered and cooked it. Then after a reasonable amount of time I served us dinner.

Next time I must remember to cut everything very small!

Yes, it was delicious!! How could it not be?

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