Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bad Timing for Winter's Return, Pesach Cleaning

Yesterday was a rainy day. Ok, not very rainy, but rainy enough to cancel the laundry plans.

And yesterday I was home and it's also pre-Passover with all the stress of cleaning and getting organized for the Holiday, rain isn't welcome. I always function best with a nice day, and I like to be able to open the door and windows when cleaning. And there's so much laundry, especially if I'm cleaning one of the bedrooms. So, I changed my plans and pulled out the fridge and cleaned up the niche where it lives.

I also cleaned away more of the grime in the stove area, even though, once it (the dirt even chametz based) morphes into grime, it can be considered as non-chametz...

I also cleaned the doors of the kitchen cabinets with those "magic sponges." I had gotten them years ago and didn't think they were all that "magic." Just like with any other cleaning the key to its success is what my mother used to call "elbow grease."
Elbow grease is an idiom for working hard at manual labour. It is a figure of speech for humorously indicating nothing else but manual work is required.
To be honest, I used them just to get them out of the closet. And there's more left. It's not that I don't have rags, but I'm glad to use the white disposable sponges, too.

And instead of enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, I put one of my favorite movies on the DVD, "Guys and Dolls." I sang along at times, too. There's so much great music and acting in that movie. When I was a kid we had the album from the show (or was it the movie) and I knew all the songs by heart.

In terms of cleaning for Passover, I still have a week to go, Gd willing. That is my schedule.

Do you like music to clean by?


Debbie Dan said...

Don't worry, next week is supposed to be heat wave again!!!

Batya said...