Friday, April 01, 2016

Eaks!!! It's Inventory Time!!!! #3

I must admit that I cheated a bit with this series of photos, because I already began buying chicken and beef for Passover. And if I had a way of getting more home, I would have bought lots more last night at Rami Levy, since he had a great sale on poultry in Sha'ar Binyamin.

Before putting in the new stuff, this is how the freezer looked:

I still have some cooked meat, a meatloaf/moussaka and some beef in tomato sauce, in the freezer and half a pack of chicken breasts that must be finished before we go Kosher for Passover. I'm almost finished with the salmon I had bought months ago. But the big problem is that there's wholewheat flour and a cake up there, too. A lot of the rolls are eaten, but there's more to go.

There's plenty to get ready/done before Passover. This year, for the first time in four years, if my memory is correct, we'll be making a seder. It will be small, but still, we're hosting. I'm glad it's a Friday night seder, since that gives a full week from Shabbat to finish the kitchen and start cooking early.

One of the empty bedrooms has had a quasi-thorough cleaning. It's not a room that has seen food at all, but it must be made clean enough.

Weather reports have been springlike, perfect for opening the windows and hanging laundry.

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