Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easy, Tasty and Impressive Eggplant Recipe

This past Shabbat we had a guest who is on a "no nightshades diet," so I had to separate the nightshade vegetables from the others in cooking and also in the salad. I have a number of friends who find their lives better sans nightshades. One of them wrote a bit of it up for me awhile ago:
A Jewish Grandmother : Here it is! The First Person Anti-Arthritis By Not Eating Nightshade Vegetables Report
Since I did have eggplant and other nightshades to cook, and my husband expected to eat them, I cooked them separately. As you can see here, I took the eggplant, sliced it and placed slices of tomato and fresh garlic. Then I poured a bit of oil on top, wrapped them well in foil and baked them until soft, in a pan, so the juices wouldn't drip all over.

It was very easy to make, impressive to serve and delicious, too. Also Kosher for Passover!!


Anonymous said...

The food looks tasty!

Batya said...

Easy is my way of cooking!

judee @ Gluten Free A-Z Blog said...

I love this idea! TAsty, easy, beautiful to serve.

Batya said...

Besides my cake and challa all my recipes are gluton free