Monday, April 11, 2016

New Photo, Yes I Listen to My Readers

On my Arutz 7 blog posts, you'll see a new photo of me. OK, it's not all that new as my facebook friends know, but it is new for Arutz 7.

Last week I got a letter from a reader/fan that he had been avoiding my posts, because the photo I had been using didn't look the reader in the eye. But when he, actually started to read what I wrote, he realized that he does enjoy my writings. And he decided to write to me to tell me. I took what he wrote to heart and looked fr a different one, deciding in the end on the facebook one.

I had used that different one, because I thought I looked good in it. Actually the previous photo made me more more like my mother who was a great beauty. And my face looked much thinner.  As you can see.

So I  switched photos. I will also have to do it for my Jerusalem Post blog, because in the picture there I am also looking away. You should all know that I do listen; I do read what you send me. And I appreciate it.

So please don't be shy if you have something like this to tell me, thanks.

PS Again three out of six of the favorite blog posts are mine on Arutz 7!

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