Thursday, April 14, 2016

Magic- Gold!

The weather and sky cooperated this year when I needed to photograph Magic Hour or the Golden Hour for 52Frames, which is really possible twice during the day, dawn and dusk.

Here's the photo I chose. Following are some others I really liked.

"Setting in Gold"
I managed to be out just as the sun set and the sky turned a warm gold. That doesn't happen everyday. We have some of the most gorgeous sunsets here in Shiloh.

Camera: Canon Canon IXUS 145
Location: Shiloh, Israel
It was nice to have a big choice but hard to choose.

These would have given me the Extra Credit since it's sunrise, but I thought the sunset was a better photo. Was I wong?


Anonymous said...

Each photo is lovely on its own. -LorriM.

Batya Medad said...

LorriM, thanks, it really was tough to choose just one