Sunday, April 10, 2016

Do You Haiku?

I was pretty young when I first heard about haikus, that very limited/strict Japanese poetry genre. I loved the challenge then, but soon after forgot about it until pretty recently. Now I haiku almost every morning on facebook.

Some Characteristics of Haiku

  • An English-language haiku sometimes contains of 17 total syllables
  • English-language format is sometimes composed of 3 lines of 5-7-5 (syllables)
  • 2 simple subjects are often placed in juxtaposition
  • These 2 subjects are often separated by punctuation
  • A keen or unusual observation is made by comparing the two subjects
  • Haiku often contains a seasonal reference
  • Poems are traditionally about nature or the natural world
My morning haikus are more about coffee than nature. Being a CPA's daughter my strictness is concentrated on the syllable count. When, on rare occasions I'm off, people quickly tell me that I need to fix it.

Here are a few of my morning coffee haikus:

strong dark coffee now
clouds outside look like sandstorm
not a laundry day

shoot first then to drink
even water and coffee
are less important
Yes, I'm a crazy photographer this week...

waiting for coffee
still hasn't perked, need it now
no patience to wait

hits the spot and lifts me up
new coffee haiku

Good morning coffee
perking happily on stove
aroma calls me

If you "friend me" on facebook, you'll see more, of course. I've even written them totally in rhyme. Do you haiku?

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