Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Keeping Warm, Fabric Makes a Difference

Even when I was a kid, mid twentieth century in the USA, they practiced a form of "climate control" indoors. We were never cold in the winter when inside, and by the time I was in my teens the house was cool in the summer.

Here we have to try non-electric methods whenever we can. I've discovered that my bed is much warmer in the winter with cotton jersey sheets, which are also comfortable in the summer, and flannel blanket covers.

I find that it makes a real difference in how I feel, especially when I first get into bed. There isn't that cool shock to the system, which I get from woven fabrics.

For most of my life, including quite a long time here in Israel, I just had woven bedding. Then I just had it for summer and used flannel in the winter.

Now I use the 100% jersey sheets all year long and flannel blanket cover in the winter. This is actually my last one. I'm going to have to start searching for more. So far, I haven't found any jersey ones.

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