Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Ladies Blog

In honor of the fact that my friend Sharon Katz has opened/begun a new blog, I've decided to post a round-up of blogs. They are all "owned" by Jewish women mostly in Israel, and many of the bloggers are actually personal friends of mine. Each of these blogs is profoundly different. They reflect on the different personalities of the bloggers and what purpose the blogger has for blogging.

Some blogs, like my own, are updated daily or a few times a week. Other bloggers blog once a week or even less frequently. Generally blogs are begun with great expectations, which sometimes fizzle out pretty quickly. I must say that some of my most favorite blogs have died a gentle death and haven't been updated for a year or more. I miss them.

In this little blog round-up, I'll list titles of posts from the past week or so. Please click them to access and read them. Comments are always appreciated by bloggers.

Enjoy, and please "share" this post so that others can get to know the bloggers. Honestly, I don't consider blogging to be a dying genre of social media. And just to remind you that I'm not responsible for the content of other blogs.

Yes, This STAGE of Life
What Happened to our Prayers?
About My Not Posting
Come, Children, Sing Shema' Yisrael!
Second Best
Are you ever too old to make aliyah?
NOT Giving Up Is Painful Too...
Oops, I did it again.
The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Vegetables
By Light of Hidden Candles - a review
Memories are a Wonderful Gift......
Paleo Vegan Almond Flour Biscotti Recipe
Food Recall! (Israel) (Salmon and Herring)
Condolences and Prayers for the Victims of More Violence
Jerusalem Biennale: Unusual Museum & Arts

I'm not quite sure why, but I didn't include my own blogs in this roundup. I trust that you're familiar with them already.

If you'd like me to post more roundups like this on, please let me know. And if you want to recommend a blog, please send the link in a comment. Thank you


Miriam said...

Thank-you Batya for including my blog Memories are Wonderful Gift. It was very kind of you.


Batya said...

My pleasure. Love your blog.

rutimizrachi said...

Thank you, dear lady, as always. Your energy on behalf of bloggers is inspiring!

Batya said...

Thank you