Sunday, February 04, 2018

New Goat Yogurt, Report

Last week, after I paid a shiva call to the family of the amazing and irreplaceable Toby Willig, ZaTza"L, I walked by the Zamora Health Food store and decided to see if they had any plain goat yogurt.

The two brands I normally get aren't available right now, for a couple of months, since this is the season that the female goats are giving birth and feeding their babies. I had written about my using shamenet, sour cream as a substitute.

The Zamora Health Food store isn't one of my usual haunts, but I figured it would be a good idea to check it out. I'm glad I did. It's a small supermarket of every sort of organic food, even a section with frozen poultry. And, yes, I found some plain yogurt. I bought two liter bottles, two different brands. Gd willing, they should suffice for the next couple of weeks.

I must say that the גלילי Galili Goat Yogurt has a very different taste from the two brands I usually get. It's much sharper. The experts would probably say that it has more of a "goat" taste. Although I absolutely hated goat milk in my coffee, when I tried it, I like the tartness of the yogurt with sweet fruit.

I'm glad to have discovered Zamora, because there's a branch not far from Matan and my Jerusalem kids. When I finish the Galili yogurt, I'll open the other bottle/brand and let you know how that one is, Gd willing.

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